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Running out of time?

Tips to Survive the Annual Game of Panic Christmas Gift-Buying and Card-Sending

by Allan Naguit – December 2005 Allan

It's almost Christmas! The silly season. End-of-year processing. Hectic times.

If you're anything like me, you sometimes leave things till the last minute, especially at this time of year. In that case, read on for tips on how to get through this annual crisis: the panic of last-minute gift-buying, card-sending, and remembering family, relatives and friends.

First, let's boil it down to the “must dos”:

  • Send Christmas Cards
  • Buy Presents
  • Not Forget Anyone

No time to do it all? Let's see how the internet can help.

Send Christmas Cards

Ok, so you don't have time to physically go down to the store to buy, handwrite, and post cards. Instead of sending an e-card you could try This is what they say:

Welcome to the Internet's premier greeting card service. This site allows you to purchase and personalize REAL PAPER GREETING CARDS online; all of our greeting cards are HANDWRITTEN and mailed by a member of our staff on a day you choose....

Of course, you could take the easy way out and send e-cards. There are plenty of free e-card sites on the net (just Google for “e-card”) but be careful; signing up at some sites might to lead to you getting more spam in your inbox.

Buy Presents

Shopping Online.

First, a word about on-line shopping safety. The website gives hints on safer shopping here. The tips are worth reviewing before you put your credit card on the line. The website also provides a directory for on-line shopping sites that have met their standards for security and safety.

Other interesting on-line shopping websites you can browse are: – seen on A Current Affair last September '05. – They say to order by December 18, 2005 for delivery before Christmas! – (“not zero zero”) the OverstockOutlet company. “clearance items at clearance prices.” – My current addiction. Lots of stuff to get! – buy gifts from them and they'll provide complementary cards and gift wrapping.

Shopping in Person (with a little help from the Net) – this website gives you the locations for all sorts of real-world stores for bargain shopping (factory outlets, seconds, etc.) for Sydney and Melbourne.

Not Forget Anyone

From the makers of Writeboard comes Tada List – an online To Do list. With this, you can set up, look at and update your (shopping) list wherever and whenever you can get access to the net. You can even share your (gift-buying) list with friends and family!

For the truly generous and charitable among us, you may want to give to a charity but are unsure which to pick or where to start. The following link is to a site that gives a comprehensive list of charities:

And so 2005 draws to a close...

Good luck with your last-minute shopping. I hope these tips help you in your hour of need, my fellow procrastinators. I still have to finish my shopping, too!

Have a great Christmas and New Year! Be safe and happy, and see you next year!

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Allan Naguit is an I.T. Consultant for Funai Pty Ltd, an outfit that provides "I.T. Handyman Services" for small businesses and home offices based in the Sydney Metropolitan Area (Australia).
Just like a handyman, but for computers and IT.
To see "how to unblock your computer's pipes", visit our Services page.
Copyright 2006 - Funai Pty Ltd


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